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Boutonnieres with a white lisianthus, green privet berries, verbena, sedum, abelia, and celosia.
Boutonnieres with pink ranunculus, nigella, white yarrow, a blue delphinium flower presented on a silver tray.
A pink, blue, and green boutonniere pinned to a smiling groom wearing a navy jacket and a pink tie.
Boutonniere with a purple lisianthus, abelia, and strawflower.
A neutral pink and green boutonniere pinned to a groom's light gray jacket.
Severl boutonnieres laying together on a marble surface.
A spring boutonniere with ranunculus, pansies, and grape hyacinth pinned to a light tan jacket.
Oct. 7th bout photographed byTori Lynn
A bride and grooms' hands are entangled against a groom's tan jacket featuring a summery boutonniere.
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