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Photo by Winston Clark

Our  Floral Design Services

Now that you've seen some of the beautiful flowers that we work with, I'm sure you're wondering what kind of services we offer!

Here at Napping Cat Floral Studio, we love w e d d i n g s !

We choose to do mainly floral design for weddings, but will occasionally do a rehearsal dinner or styled shoot here and there!

Photo by Winston Clark

A La Carte

What's Involved:

  • Email correspondence- we email about all the details, send pictures and ideas, and communicate about flowers until we get the vision right!

  • Typically personal items like a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc. 

  • Proposal + Inspiration Board

  • Drop-off or Pickup

Full Service

What's Involved:

  • Email correspondence- we email about all the details, send pictures and ideas, and communicate about flowers until we get the vision right!

  • Proposal + Inspiration Board

  • In-person meetingI love meeting with my brides! Hearing your creative vision for your wedding day is invaluable to me. Come with all the pictures and ready to chat about details!

  • Venue walk through-Walking through the space together provides a chance to visualize the flow of events on your special day.

  • Delivery, Set-up, & Breakdown


I just need a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere. Can you do an order this small?

Yes! This would be considered an 'a la carte' order. I require all of my wedding inquiries to fill out my application form, no matter how small.

Can I submit an application without a Pinterest board?

While you can submit any URL for inspiration, I encourage each bride to make a Pinterest board since I am a visual communicator! Each question I ask on the application is strategic. Please don't leave anything blank.

Can I use faux flowers to keep cost down?

I only use fresh flowers that I can source locally and regionally. I do not design with faux flowers.

Can I use my own vessels?

Yes! I love when brides use vessels that are special to them!

Any vessels that you want me to design in need to be in my hands one week before the wedding. They can be shipped, dropped off, or we can meet somewhere in Knoxville for a small mileage fee.

Can I take my flowers home at the end of my event?

Absolutely! The flowers themselves are all yours. If you or your guests would like to take stems home at the end of the night, I would recommend having some extra vases on hand. If you prefer, I can add a 12 pack of mason jars on to your quote for a small upcharge. All vessels will be returned to me by the end of the night. *You can read about rentals in your contract.

I want to design my own florals. Can I just buy stems from you?

No! When you inquire about my services, that means you are interested in me designing the florals for you. Booking a creative wedding vendor should mean you love their style, ethics, and are excited to collaborate with them! If you want to design with local flowers, I would recommend visiting a farmers' market and buying bouquets there; after that you can do whatever you want with them!

Why are wedding florals so expensive?

Providing a service for a wedding is a high stress job. Multiple vendors must all coordinate everything ~just right~ so everything goes smoothly for a couple hours. Florists, DJs, caterers, photographers, bakers, planners, and other vendors put their lives on hold so your wedding can be as close to perfection as possible!


Flowers specifically are planted, weeded, watered, staked, netted, harvested, refrigerated, processed, arranged, and delivered with the utmost attention to detail. This entire process takes months. In addition the the flowers themselves, you are also investing in my design skills, ability to work under pressure, flexibility, and communication, all of which took years to develop!

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