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Centerpieces & Tablescapes

a white tablecloth on a round table is topped with silverware, patterned linens, a table number, and glass bud vases.
Round dinner tables at The Standard Knoxville set with flower arrangements in the center
A close-up picture of bright spring centerpiece next to a gold table number.
A head table with taper candles and ikebana bowls lined down the middle.
a centerpiece with lots of greenery and texture with fruit styling of local pears and figs.
Cheerful bud vases on a light peacy table runner with citrus fruit styling.
Bud vases and fruit styling on a head table with dramatic evening light shadows.
A head table set with taper candles and bud vases at The Standard Knoxville.
A close-up of a centerpiece on a set dinner table at The Standard
A long head table with a generous amount of glass bud vases and fruit styling at Harper's Vineyard in Townsend.
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