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Laurel + Andrew


May 21, 2023


The Standard, Knoxville, TN


Kelsea Shea

Seasonal Flowers

Ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, clematis, nigella, delphinium, foxglove, larkspur, stock, verbascum, scabiosa, peonies, sweet peas, snapdragon.

Apparently Napping Cat and the Tyree family go way back!

Way back when, when my mom was doing weddings in the early years of the farm, she provided Laurel's sister Jessie with buckets of flowers for her wedding!

Years later, Laurel's brother Zach was getting married (to my old roommate's coworker nonetheless!) and searching for a florist. Unfortunately, this was before I got my floral business off the ground! They ended up arranging beautiful flowers themselves.

Early this year when we met for our first in-person meeting, Laurel's mom made a comment about how I had floral patterns on many of my paper goods I carry with me. She told Lauren that her sister Jessie, the owner of Root and Branch Paper, would like my flower-covered planner...the very same Jessie we had provided flowers with all those years ago AND a vendor I had just bought products from at a recent holiday market and whose style I fell in love with! I had no idea when Laurel emailed me that we had so many connections!

Knoxville is a small world.

These special realizations made Laurel and Andrew's wedding so much fun to work on. One of my favorite weddings ever, prettiest bouquets ever, and sweetest most genuine and fun couple ever.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding florals.

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